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Bulls Glass & Screen Center was founded in 1967 by Ada Marie Bull and George Bull.  Bulls Glass has grown from a small family-owned business selling and manufacturing glass and screen products in local area to a large business covering the entire San Jose area.


 In 1996,  Mr. & Mrs. Bull sold the business to Mr. Araghi and Mrs. Imanipour. In return The new owners expanded their services by providing functional custom made glass solutions for most residential applications.


In the year 2013,  they sold the business to Mr. Ziaei.  Having a well funded knowledge of the market, Mr. Ziaei brought a lot of changes to the business.  For example, changed the location,  expanded services and products for both residential and commercial clients , hired more skilled employees,   remolded the show room, computerized the ordering system and offered more competitive pricing. As a result, it is now a fully recognized and well respected in the entire Bay Area.   

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